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We make inspections easy and understandable. The hardware and software developed by our specialists are so simple and convenient that any nondestructive testing specialist can master them after an 80 hour training course.

For over 30 years, Inline Inspections (ILI) have been pivotal in evaluating the technical condition of oil and gas pipelines. This method enables comprehensive assessment while pipelines remain operational, ensuring uninterrupted flow of products.

Utilizing nondestructive testing methods like magnetic flux leak detection (MFL), ultrasonic testing (UT), radiographic inspection, and magnetic particle testing, our equipment conducts thorough inspections without causing harm.

With ILI techniques such as Close Interval Potential (CLP), Transverse Field Inspection (TFI), and Wall Thickness Measurement (WM), we deliver advanced solutions for precise evaluation of pipeline integrity, prioritizing safety and operational efficiency.

Diagnostic equipment for oil-well tubing
Tracking the condition and wall thickness of primary tubulars is essential to maintaining a secure well.

Evaluate and manage tube integrity of primary tubulars.

Identifying internal and external defects.

Powered by our system using the pulse (electromagnetic) platform. This type of inspection equipment is the industry’s most accurate multi barrier tubulars diagnostic product.
Robotic diagnostic
Where it is impossible to use In-Line Inspection, we offer other methods such as robotic diagnostic, phonon diagnostics, external diagnostics using ultrasound, eddy current methods, etc.
Diagnosis of pipes with internal coating
Our world-class experts have developed and use equipment of various modifications for successful diagnosis of the state of the internal anti-corrosion coating and the correct installation of protective bushings.
External diagnostics
External diagnostic examination is carried out using several types of examinations, such as visual-measuring control, ultrasonic thickness measurement, ultrasonic flaw detection and magnetic powder testing.
Diagnostics of coils of technological furnaces
Due to the ongoing processes, the working conditions in furnaces are rightfully considered the most aggressive.

A chemically active product under high pressure and temperature, with a powerful thermal effect makes their supervision of safe operation the most important and paramount.
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